Random Post: A Farewell To Blogger


From The Found Items Dept.

We found the poster displayed below taped to a telephone pole on William Street. We think it is approximately 20% adorable, 30% creepy and 50% hilarious. We think the beefcake shot really makes it. Good luck to you, Peter Deir.


Attention Wallet-Heavy Arcade Fire Fans

On eBay, there is currently a copy of the Arcade Fire EP selling for £45 -- over $100 Canadian.

Bear in mind, though, these Cautionary Words from the band themselves:

"Don't go buyin' our self-titled EP off eBay. It is neither rare nor out of print. And actually, more than don't buy, don't sell the damn thing. We'll probably have another batch ready soon enough."

Their request notwithstanding, if any idiots want to pay $100 for our copy of the EP, they are invited to be parted from their money by emailing optimus at optimuscrime dot com.


We'll Have To Save The Taffeta For Next Year

amazing picture via nick catchdubs.Tonight, we're sitting at home reading our Kinja when we could be at the Grad Club for Fake Prom. Besides our obvious sadness at missing a chance to rock the powder blue tuxedo, we're also broken-hearted about missing a chance to see Tomate Potate. They're a low-fi Kingston two-piece that make cute, atonal pop music. We particuarly like 'Decepticon', whose lyrics read in part: "My friend's dad is a Decepticon / my friend's dad is a robot / he's ten feet tall with a chassis made of cars..."

But our prom date is slinging java at Coffee & Co. tonight, so we'll have to save ourselves for next year. So, look out, bitches: Next year, we are going to be King and Queen of Fake Prom, and we are going to exercise our rule with an iron fist.

(Jokes, jokes. We would be benevolent dictators.)


Sweet Tapdancing Christ

Dillinger Escape Plan is playing Kingston. At the Scherzo.

In case anyone's brain just exploded, we'll repeat: Dillinger at the Scherzo. Cover is $15 advance. Due to the short notice (the show is next Wednesday), there are no tickets, technically. Pay in advance at Brian's Record Option, and get added to the door list. We hear the show is almost sold out. Don't walk -- run.


If By 'Educated, Liberal Town', You Mean 'Drinking Ground For Annoying Rich White Kids'

Stars frontman Torquil Campbell:
"Kingston seems very educated; very liberal. We very much..."

Drunken frat boy:

"we very much love being here."

Frat boy:


Frat boy: