Random Post: Eeeeeew.


Oh No They Didn't

The Zep fan in us loves that CTV actually used this headline. But the decent human being in us is shocked, appalled and wishes CTV's headline writers a pleasant journey in their handbasket.


Bagger Vance Did It

The MTV Video Music Awards last night was overshadowed by the shooting of rap mogul Suge Knight... A police report described the shooter only as a black male wearing a pink shirt."

We couldn't let Suge's shooter escape justice, so we used the power of Google Image Search to identify likely suspects. Here's the number one result:


That's Senator Fox-in-the-Henhouse To You, Mister

Francis Fox, whose most lasting contribution to public life was his dramatic redefinition of 'conflict of interest' (he claimed that being a registered lobbyist for Rogers AT&T while simultaneously serving on Martin's transition team wasn't one), has been named to the Senate.

Our perspective on the Senate has always been in favour of abolishing it, but we're now wondering if perhaps the sager strategy wouldn't be to burn the damned place to the ground. Any votes on who gets to pad around the Upper House in slippers next? Sen. Jean Brault?


T Minus 65 Days

There are those that lament the relentless push to market holiday shopping earlier. Christmas shopping in September. Halloween candy in August.

But then we heard 'Do They Know It's Halloween' (via SFB) -- quite possibly the greatest benefit record ever produced -- and suddenly we're all excited for candy buying and costume planning and watching Rocky Horror.


Let's Make A Deal

In a move of total financial imprudence, we just bought ourselves a new fancy-pants flat panel monitor. As a result, our old friend Lord Cathode is being given its eviction notice from Chateau Bagot. We'll sell him cheaply to anyone who wants 'im. 19"; 0.22 dot pitch, the whole nine yards. If you're interested, leave a comment.